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Please Note:

Please note that effective January 1, 2022, Comtest will no longer be able to support some of the older model Sumitomo fusion splicers. 

This includes, but not limited to, the T-25, T-36, T39 and T-66. 

Sumitomo stopped support on these splicers in 2020 and although Comtest has continued to service these whenever possible, the unavailability of parts has forced Comtest to now do the same.

If you require service for any of these splicer models, please contact our service group to obtain an RMA# (or click the link RMA#, and complete the online request form).

We will continue to accept these splicers to be evaluated however no commitment can be made regarding their serviceability.Once we have received the splicer and evaluated it someone will contact you directly with possible options.

Services we provide

Repair and Service:

Comtest’s repair technicians have been trained by the some of the worlds finest manufacturers as well as by our own expert engineers. We maintain a fully equipped repair lab and our technicians service the following products:

  • Sumitomo fusion splicers (on site repairs available)
  • Sumitomo fiber cleavers (on site repairs available)
  • Fiber cleavers, OTDRs

Cleaning V grooves


Comtest provides 1st level technical support for all products in our inventory. Our technical support personnel are available to assist with equipment installation and system turn-up. If required, our staff can provide equipment orientation and formal training for our test systems and related technology. If you would like more information about our installation or training services please contact your nearest Comtest representative or call



Comtest can provide consulting through our product specific engineers, and our experienced technical staff are available to work with you to determine what type of solution best suits your requirements. You may conclude that it is in your best interest to purchase and operate your own system (after we have completed the design and initial QA testing for you, of course). However, it may be more economical to have Comtest take care of your design, quality assurance and maintenance requirements. No matter which option, we have a solution that fits. We deliver solutions that fit. It’s that simple.
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Technical support contact information:

All Fibre Products: 1 613 368-4318
All onsite repair requests: 1 613 368-4615